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Complete Social Media Branding Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide For Real Estate Businesses

A strong social media branding strategy has become an important part of a digital marketing strategy.

From business branding to personal branding, everything needs social media branding strategy.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Tik Tok have deeply affected our way of living.

The presence of 3.5 billion people on social media networking platforms gives us a hint of their popularity in modern times.

We use social media for socializing. We use social media for reading our news. Not just that, we also use social media to interact with all those brands that matter to us.

It’s a change that has affected our culture deeply and it’s here to stay as far as we can see in the future.

Social media is powerful and including it in your marketing plan makes your plan stronger and more effective. One of the vital areas of marketing strategy is branding strategy.

This is what defines who we are and why we are here. Let’s see how we can expand this to even other social media channels.

What Is A Social Media Branding Strategy?

Branding is the process of building a strong identity of a company that reflects a positive perception of the company and its offerings in its customers’ minds.

What Is Instagram Branding?

Creating and managing your brand image on Instagram is known as Instagram branding.

It defines how you want your Instagram followers to see you and what to think of you.

Moreover, it defines how you are going to win the trust of your audience and build a unique and authentic image of yourself.

In the end, it’s all about how you are going to stand out in the crowd of so many businesses already present on Instagram.

What Is Facebook Branding?

The concept of social media branding strategies is not limited to just Instagram.

Any social media platform that can be used by your customers to connect with you will need branding.

Facebook branding is crafting the identity of your brand on Facebook.

It is about what kind of image you want to reflect there and what kind of message you want to communicate with that image to your customers.

Similarly, the same concept can be expanded to any other social media channel.

What Is Linkedin Branding?

Your online branding starts with visibility. How you look, or how you appear to others online. Using LinkedIn for your online branding is essential to be seen by professionals, or by people whom you want to see you.

When using social media for online branding, you should be doing this for the promotion of your company’s brand and yourself as a brand. It’s all about identity – Who are you? What do you do? and Why should I like you?

In doing this, it’s all about optimising your LinkedIn profile with professionally written, SEO-rich content, that reflects the individual as well as referencing the company at the same time. Having that personal touch instigates the emotional side of the brand, as it moves away from a faceless, corporate entity.

Social media marketing has made it essential now for businesses to have a personal touch to their visibility. Because the individual LinkedIn profile relates to an individual employee, it puts a friendly face on the company and makes it much more personal, too.

The things you can do on LinkedIn for your online branding are:

  • Optimise your profile
  • Make connections
  • Post consistent, quality content

LinkedIn is seen as the social media platform where businesses and professionals can network freely without having to travel anywhere. LinkedIn can help with your online branding primarily through visibility and recognition in a place where your reputation is at home with other like-minded businesspeople.

The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to having LinkedIn help with your online branding. It’s a powerful sales, marketing, and branding asset that can result in exponential business growth and profit. LinkedIn can help with your online branding because it’s an effective tool for brand awareness and brand promotion.

The more visibility you and your company have on LinkedIn, the more people will know who you are and the positive impact you can have on their working lives. More connections mean more money. This is because the more businesspeople you network with online, the more likely you are to generate leads.

Lead generation can be turned around into potential clients and business, and it’s from this where businesses progress, move forward and achieve the success they set out to achieve. Businesses can gain quality leads simply through networking with other businesses online.

Businesses can network on LinkedIn’s Homepage, or ‘news feed’, or they can network to specific companies/sectors through LinkedIn groups. You can use LinkedIn to generate leads in three simple steps:

  • Become a group member
  • Create a piece of relevant content
  • Share the content in the group

So, get a professional-looking, well-written profile with a quality photo; network with your connections and on groups; share content consistently; and interact with people to show, not just what you sell, but who you are as a brand.

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