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Google Analytics Blocking and What It Means for Marketers

Have you noticed that your data doesn’t add up lately? Wondering how Google Analytics Blocking is affecting your marketing?

In this analysis, you’ll discover what is being blocked, why, and how it can affect your organic and paid marketing efforts going forward.

Does Your Google Analytics Data Seem Off?

Have you observed declines in your Google Analytics records over a previous couple of years?

If you’re like TSDigitals, you operate Google Analytics to music pretty much everything, starting from e-mail advertising to paid ads.

We found out we had a hassle once we commenced evaluating Google’s records with our Cloudflare Analytics. Cloudflare is a low- to a no-value provider that gives caching, bot protection, and plenty more. Because it handles the front quit of all site visitors to our website, it can’t be blocked and gives a real photograph of web website online site visitors.

We observed that much less than 50% of our site visitors become accounted for with the aid of using Google. And that supposed what we have been seeing internal of Google Analytics become best a part of the story.

This may explain for in part what’s going on…

Since the center of 2019, the Firefox internet browser has blocked Google Analytics from firing with the aid of using default. eMarketer says Firefox represented 8.1% of the computing device browser marketplace in May 2021.

The 2nd maximum famous browser—Safari—brought Apple cross-web website online area monitoring in 2020. This optionally available characteristic blocks Google Analytics on each computing device and cellular Apple products.

Given Apple’s flow to make privateness crucial to its brand, it wouldn’t be a marvel if this option is the default withinside the future. However, due to the fact, Google can pay Apple $12 billion 12 months to be the default seek engine, that movement can be delayed.

The proper information is Chrome continues to be the king of internet browsers. So at the least, a big bite of your records won’t be blocked with the aid of using Google. But that’s best a part of the story.

Ad Avoidance and Ad Blocking

Many ad blockers turn off Google Analytics by default and many of these tools are used by Chrome users.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, nearly half of internet users are employing ad-blocking technology and 46% have found ways to avoid almost all ads.

U.S. Ad Blocking Data

In the United States, there was a significant increase in ad blocker adoption on desktops and laptops between 2019 and 2020.

Younger adults are far more likely to install ad blockers, and men are more likely than women to use this technology.

So What Does All of This Mean?

Your items won’t be tracked if Google Analytics can’t fire. This means it’s getting harder to have a single source of truth when it comes to tracking your marketing results.

When you’re only getting part of the story, it makes it much harder to know what is and isn’t working.

This is part of the reason you’re seeing a move to predictive modeling with Google Analytics 4.

It’s only going to get harder to have confidence in your marketing as more consumers adopt ad-blocking tools. And it’s likely just a question of when Apple decides to block Google Analytics.

Here are some suggested steps:

  • Communicate with your boss or clients: Explain that the data you have is likely only half of the story due to blockers.
  • Use what you have: Something is better than nothing. Make informed decisions with the data you have but understand it’s only part of the story.

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  • Strategically analyze your marketing using Google Analytics.

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