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How To Create An Effective Social Media Engagement Strategy?

I am certain that the social media purpose for maximum corporations is to boom their client base. But that is a dinosaur-age enterprise purpose. The current purpose is to apply a social media advertising approach to make your clients listen.

Having a fixed of disillusioned clients on your client base isn’t fruitful for any. As a result, I will suggest that your advanced social media purpose needs to be to boom your client’s fairness.

Customer fairness will increase while your clients are glad and happy after they love what you do, and maximum importantly, praise you together along with your attention. In this sort of case, you in no way must give you reasonably-priced procedures to thieve their attention.

They are all ears. Not simply that, they may be additional inclined to unfold the phrase approximately your product which doubles the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Step 1) Understand Your Customers (Social Media Engagement Strategy)

Let’s try to understand your customer a little. In general, your customer is seeing around 4000 to 10000 ads in a day.

Consequently, they are continuously interrupted by enjoying social media. Their attention is being stolen by unwanted and unnecessary ads. This has led to a new form of customer evolution.

This evolved customer has mastered the art of ignoring any kind of online advertising, even if it’s right there in front of their eyes.

What Is Banner Blindness? 

We have already heard of banner blindness where a customer ignores any kind of social media banner message they see on. They are figuring out similar ways of tuning out for the other forms of online advertising as well.

Customers no longer watch your ad on YouTube, they engage themselves in some other activities till the ad is showing on YouTube and then they press skip.

As more and more people are joining social media, more and more users are learning how to ignore them.

How Can Businesses Fight Banner Blindness?

What will happen if you try to show your digital ad to an already frustrated social media user?

He will lose complete interest in your product and even worse, will form a negative perception about you which will be very tough for you to change in the future.

Try not to become noise on the internet, try to become that dulcet voice that makes them forget what they are doing and want to figure out where that voice is coming from.

Give them a wonderful, creative moment so they unmute their YouTube ads, stop scrolling past your ad on Facebook, and get lost in this amazing digital experience that you have created especially for them.

Let them think for a moment, wow! Who are these guys? Why have I never heard of them? Or why have I not paid any attention to them earlier?

Step 2) Find Ways To Delight Your Customers (Social Media Engagement Strategy)

The goal is to use a social media marketing strategy to make your customers listen. Your customers will start listening to you when you will start thinking like your customer when you will start advocating for their satisfaction and delight.

Next time when you plan to post something on social media, stop and think for a moment, “Is this something that is noise or delight for my customers?”

If the answer is the former, then don’t do that. It’s better not to post anything than to post something nobody wants to see or hear. Better spend your current time and budget on market research services which will give you a better understanding of your audience.

You’re welcome! (You will thank me later for this!)

In case, your answer is the latter, then let’s start first by congratulating you for being able to figure out what exactly your customer wants.

Step 3) Communicate Your Message Effectively And Creatively (Social Media Engagement Strategy)

Now, the next important step comes is how to communicate your message to your audience so that they also see the value in it and don’t end up ignoring it.

Remember that social media video advertising and TV advertising are kinda the same things. If one is easily available doesn’t make it less important than the other form.

Can you give the task of your TV ad creation to anyone? No! You will freak out. Why? Because your reputation is at stake here and you want your customer to remember your ad.

When it comes to social media ads, why do we become so lenient? We don’t care who is creating the ad, what kind of process is involved behind that, or if the ad is even based on some solid research?

Social Media Can Damage Your Reputation

Unlike TV advertising where if you have run a bad ad, the bad publicity will die down after some time, on social media/internet it’s going to live there forever.

This means your reputation is 1000 times more at stake on social media. And also, because social media advertising has become available to everyone.

Your digital ad needs to be 1000X or even 100,000 times more memorable than TV ads.

That’s why make sure that your social media is handled by a team of creative experts who excel in digital advertising.

You want an agency that can instill creativity even in your boring messages that your audience can’t help but notice you.

Like at TSDigitals, we go by the motto of ‘Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Loved,’

We understand how crowded social media is and we make sure that the action plan for your social media is adding to customer satisfaction and not to their frustration.

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Alice Wayn

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