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How to Create an Online Course from a PowerPoint Presentation

Due to the pandemic and the growing fashion of online learning, teachers, trainers, instructors, and L&D experts face a growing want to begin the usage of online publications quickly. 

The booming eLearning marketplace activates even folks that had in no way taught a category to come to be interested in developing and promoting online publications withinside the location in their expertise. It looks like everybody is seeking out methods to create and promote publications nowadays.

PowerPoint slides have lengthy been the manner of the not unusual place to provide facts and guide study room lectures with visuals. Many education experts have a big wide variety of PPT slides on hand. And even in case you want to create publications from scratch, making them in PowerPoint is a bit of cake due to the fact we’ve got recognized this device for a completely long time. 

However, PPT slides aren’t usually a perfect suit for education for those reasons:

  • Limited opportunities to deliver PPTs online.
  • Learners can change or copy your slides.
  • Slides don’t presuppose any assessment and serve more for presentation than training. 

So, does this mean it’s time to get rid of PPTs? Of course not. There are several ways to upcycle slides for use in online learning. We’ll tell you about three fast ways to create an online course from a PPT.

Convert PPT into HTML5

The HTML5 layout is a surefire manner to make a document to be had for online viewing. Courses in HTML5 may be displayed in any browser or on cell gadgets and might comprise video, audio, triggers, and animations. To convert slides into HTML5, you could use a converter software program and plug-ins like iSpring Free, iSpring Converter Pro, HTML5Point, Ududu, and online converters like Zamzar.

If your slides comprise any triggers, animations, video files, or outside links, it’s critical to make certain they may be preserved after conversion. If you don’t realize which device may be strong sufficient for this task, bear in mind the usage of iSpring Free or iSpring Converter Pro. They can submit your direction in HTML5 in an unmarried click on and keep all of the results which you had set up. Both of them are PowerPoint add-ins so that you can use them properly withinside the PowerPoint interface.

But which one of these tools should you select? If you’re looking for a safe and robust way to save your slides in HTML5 completely free of charge, opt for iSpring Free. It’s an out-of-the-box solution for easily making your courses interactive with three types of quiz questions, and set feedback, number of attempts, and time limits for them.

 If you need to experience extra modifying and navigation functions, have extra export options, and defend your publications from unauthorized distribution, strive iSpring Converter Pro. This device permits you to supply audio narration on your novices via way of means of uploading present audio documents or recording new ones. It additionally permits customers to embed YouTube motion pictures into publications, store them as video publications in MP4, and export them without delay to YouTube.

Turn PPT into SCORM

HTML5 is always an option, but if you want to track learner progress and build an entire system of training, publishing courses online is not enough – you’ll need to upload them to a learning management system (LMS) such as iSpring. eLearning has its own standard formats that are applicable for courses in an LMS. The most popular and widely used eLearning format is SCORM, more precisely, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.

Before SCORM, there has been no assurance that some other LMS might show the route. Moreover, teachers couldn’t song students’ development on cloth and benefit from treasured stats on it. That’s why changing your slides into SCORM will take you a step towards eLearning and open new possibilities for you. However, growing a SCORM route manually is a hassle, because it takes time, patience, and IT coding and modifying skills.

Luckily, some tools facilitate PowerPoint conversion to SCORM: iSpring Free, iSpring Converter Pro, Articulate Storyline, and Adobe Captivate. With all iSpring equipment, placing publications online withinside the SCORM layout is as clean as pie. To begin the conversion, you simply want to put in the tool, open a PowerPoint presentation, click on the iSpring tab, and select ‘Publish.’ And voila! You now have a web route in SCORM and may add it to any LMS!

Use a PowerPoint-based Authoring Tool

If you’re searching out extra flexible and innovative methods to interact and investigate learners, choose full-fledged authoring gear. Authoring gear is the software program for growing various virtual gaining knowledge of content: online guides, video tutorials and screencasts, quizzes and talk simulations, and extra. Some diagnosed authoring software programs are iSpring Suite, Adobe Captivate, Articulate 360, DomiKnow, Easygenerator, and Lectora Online.

Since we’re talking approximately methods to create online guides from PPT slides, let’s have a take a observe one of the maximum user-pleasant and handy PowerPoint-primarily based totally direction authoring gear – iSpring Suite. If you understand the way to create slides in PowerPoint, then you already recognise the way to use the iSpring Suite. It looks as if a further tab at the ribbon, and you may release the iSpring Suite menu as quickly as you open your slides.

iSpring Suite can convert PowerPoint presentations to all major online course formats like HTML5, SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API, and MP4 video courses, but there’s much more to it. 

Here you can add interactive quizzes and mini-games to your slides, including drag-and-drops, hotspots, and matching, and set various grading policies for them. You can also supply your training courses with fascinating characters to guide learners through the course and train them in dialogue simulations with branching scenarios.

With iSpring Suite, your learning content can be presented as interactive timelines, pyramids, media cards, etc. If you want to include ebooks in your training, you can upload a PPT, Word, or PDF file and turn them into interactive flip books in one click.

iSpring Suite enables you to record and fine-tune screencasts, presenter-style and how-to videos, and picture-in-picture tutorials right from the PowerPoint interface, and add graphics, annotations, and visual hints to them. Your online video-based courses will look professional, create a sense of the instructor’s presence, and demonstrate processes in action.


If you want to create online courses and have PPT slides on hand, there are 3 ways to do this with the proper converter and authoring software:

  • Turn slides into HTML5.
  • Turn slides into SCORM.
  • Enhance your slides and make interactive courses out of them.

If you want to teach your learners effectively and create engaging courses to monetize your knowledge, we recommend using the third option. 

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