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New Site Launch – Med-Easy

Med-Easy, set to revolutionise the pharmaceutical market.

People of all ages can have difficulties swallowing medication such as tablets and pills. With its light texture, Med-Easy glides down the throat to help ease the swallowing of solid dose medication. We managed to try it ourselves and it was a big hit in our studio, so we TSDigitals knew they had a great product to offer!

The website needed to clearly target its two core audiences – care homes and everyday consumers. We used imagery throughout the site which would instantly reflect and relate to these target markets, as well as featuring shots to show off the product and its packaging.

The colour scheme of course had to tie in with the attractive packaging. We added touches of cherry pink and purple to create a nice contrast with the site’s neutral tones throughout. As Med-Easy isn’t yet available to purchase online, it was also important that there was a strong call to action so the user could easily get in touch and enquire about purchasing the product.

Med-Easy has already been receiving a lot of media attention and some great feedback from customers. 

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