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Newsjacking: How to Generate Media Attention to Your Business

In our fast-paced online world of constant news updates, there are seemingly endless opportunities for marketers to embrace the art of newsjacking.

When carried out right, newsjacking may be an incredible technique of loose PR, permitting you to connect to a much broader target market via way of means of leaping on a trending topic, producing press insurance and social media buzz to your brand.

But, while carried out wrong, newsjacking can seem pressured and convey little to no results, or may also even result in awful exposure to your business.

In this guide, we’ll proportion our pinnacle recommendations for powerful newsjacking, in addition to a few not unusual place pitfalls to observe out for.

What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a PR method in which a logo leverages a trending information tale so that you can benefit from awareness. If your newsjacking try is relevant, timely, and nicely notion out, your logo can benefit more interest with the aid of using at the wave of a trending information tale so that you can get observed with the aid of using a much broader audience.

This may be achieved with the aid of using commenting on a trending tale or maybe developing a marketing campaign around it. Newsjacking may be lighthearted and witty, or it can offer the possibility so that you can interact with topical problems and talk about your logo values.

Newsjacking in the Age of Social Media

Newsjacking isn’t new, however social media has allowed many greater manufacturers to leap on the ‘viral’ bandwagon of trending information memories on social media.

Traditionally, newsjacking intended PR groups tracking the information and pitching in press releases on behalf of their customer to newshounds and publications.

Although newsjacking nevertheless takes vicinity withinside the conventional media space, manufacturers now do not require the backing of the media so one can newsjack a tale, with maximum newsjacking taking vicinity on social media which include Twitter or Instagram at a ‘blink and you’ll pass over it’ pace. Newsjacking can frequently paintings withinside the contrary manner to standard media, if a newsjack is going especially well, it can turn out to be being an information tale itself and getting featured withinside the media.

Tips for Successful Newsjacking

When done right, newsjacking can help you to draw attention to your brand and speak to a much wider audience, but it does require thought to make sure that your response is timely and appropriate.

1. Set Alerts for Trending Topics

When it involves locating trending information tales, it’s critical to live beforehand of the curve. Once every person you realize is speaking approximately a story, it is probably too late.

Make certain which you hold an eye fixed on trending Twitter subjects to look at what every person is speaking approximately on social media. You also can view what tales are trending around the arena via way of means of the usage of gear together with Google Trends and BuzzSumo and customizing them to set signals for information tales on sure subjects.

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2. Pick Your Battles

It is impossible, and probable unwise, to try to leverage each trending information tale in your emblem. Before deciding to newsjack a tale, ask yourself if it’s miles something this is suitable in your emblem to remark on, especially if it’s miles a subject which you are unusual with.

Some days which include Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day are not unusual to place objectives for manufacturers seeking to newsjack, and there can be plenty greater opposition with masses of manufacturers vying for attention. This doesn’t imply which you can’t get involved, however, you could want to place a greater concept into any campaigns round nowadays with a purpose to get noticed.

3. Master the Art of Good Timing

News actions quickly, and in case you are too gradual to react to a tale, it’s far probable that your newsjacking efforts will move disregarded because it might be visible as ‘vintage news ‘.

No, remember how properly your newsjacking concept is, it desires to be launched at the proper time for it to benefit attention. The diagram under indicates the suitable time to newsjack a tale earlier than reporters begin scrambling for added records and the general public pleasure grows. If you’re capable of getting your emblem withinside the door at the proper time, you turn into a part of the tale because it starts offevolved to fashion on social media.

life-of-a-news-story-social-chameleonSource: Life of a News Story

4. Tread Carefully and Consider Potential Pitfalls

Many manufacturers have skilled backlash because of ill-thought-out tries at newsjacking and had been criticized for acting insensitive or out of contact whilst commenting on trending information stories. If your emblem seems to be out of contact whilst newsjacking, it can bring about you gaining interest for all the incorrect reasons.

With that in mind, it can pay to be careful and experience test what you’re making plans on posting with others earlier than you click ‘post’. If you’re commenting on extra contentious issues, ensure that your remark seems actual and doesn’t contain pushing products

5. Align with Your Brand Image

Once you’ve determined a breaking information tale to remark on, it may be tempting to behave as quickly as possible. Although appearing quick is crucial, it’s also essential that whatever you positioned out is in alignment together along with your emblem photo or you would possibly danger reputational damage. Make certain that whatever you’re posting suits together along with your emblem photo and might be something that your target market would like to see.

This is likewise crucial whilst thinking about what social media platform to apply for newsjacking.

Examples of Newsjacking

  • Caterpillar-gate

When it become suggested in 2021 that grocery store Aldi become being sued through Marks and Spencer for allegedly copying their famous ‘Colin the Caterpillar cake’, Aldi determined to take a light-hearted technique to the information through poking amusing of the information tale on Twitter. Many different grocery store manufacturers joined in with the controversy on social media, and it has become certainly considered one of the most important social media tales of the year.

  • Oreo and Area 51

The weird storming of Area fifty-one, a plan hatched with the aid of using conspiracy theorists who believed Area fifty-one become in which American Government become hiding extraterrestrials, become a massive social media tale. Many social media customers noticed the tale as a chunk of fun, and Oreo jumped at the bandwagon with an easy tweet, asking its fans what flavors of Oreo they believed have been being hidden in Area fifty-one. The tweet won heaps of impressions and was given lots of human beings speaking approximately their preferred Oreo flavors on social media.


Newsjacking may be an amazing possibility for manufacturers large and small to extend their voice and attain new audiences. By being aware of not unusual place pitfalls and staying real in your logo, you may use newsjacking to develop your logo cognizance and attain new audiences.

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