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Notaries and real estate consulting in the age of digital technology and AI

Notary Services And Technology Advancement

When most people think of a notary, they are still thinking of someone sitting guys at a desk surrounded by stacks of paper. In fact, the lawyer’s work has undergone major digital changes over the past decade, especially with the launch of the real estate website. The Central Inheritance Register, established in 1971, noted the first signs of a growing relationship between the estate sector and the data. Lots of new technologies have been at the forefront, such as Télé @ ctes in 2010 and electronic signatures in 2012. Today, bookkeepers today use a wide range of digital solutions that are made possible by digital integration and data expansion.

The global epidemic has also accelerated the digital transformation of notary work. As law enforcement officials of the government, the authors had no choice but to continue working during the initial closure. This meant that they had to adapt to an unprecedented situation and find new ways to work. Due to regulations from the Department of Justice, they are authorised to use a variety of digital solutions: electronic signatures, remote licence collection, virtual elνακ παπουτσια πεδιλα ectronic actions and video call signing ceremonies. However, another important concern about these new digital tools is how to make transactions without compromising the security of notarial actions.

Challenges And Worries For Notaries

Historically, lawyers have played a key role in real estate transactions, especially in rural areas where the attorney’s offices were small and medium and thus the key to trade communication. But the advent of the internet and the emergence of major advertising platforms have greatly reduced this role as a consultant. As Mr. Texier explains, the challenge lies in “putting in one place and sharing information with others. We often see the same listings on different platforms, which is not always a sign of quality. ”

For notaries, unlike real estate agencies, working as a consultant is second to none in their core business, which is the deed of sale. As Mr. Texier adds: “Each office takes a different approach, which can be seen in the fact that mediation costs are not regulated.” In terms of their professionalism and training, the guards working in this role are taking a far-reaching legal approach. Prior to the sale of the property, the attorney general will ensure that he conducts an analysis of compliance, which may affect the valuation of the property. non-compliance during the sale.



How Technology And Local Data Have Transformed Notary Services

There are two details used by writers in France when providing mediation services: Bien for activities within Paris,holdbarhet nespresso kapsler and Perval for operations outside Paris. Mr. Texier, who uses the Perval database in his work line, explains how he is able to “accurately see what happened in the past”. In addition to the sale of houses and apartments, Perval also showcases agricultural land and other properties.

Whenever the work is completed by a contract attorney, a copy is kept on the website, which is owned by the French Superior Council of Notaries (CSN). Mr Texier clarifies that “no private data is stored on the website”. However, they provide accurate information about the work, while compiling data and creating national statistics by:

Prices per unit in France;

Real Estate Data;

Features of each building: number of rooms, living space, availability of balcony / parking / terrace and power label;

Pivot Tables.

Information is collected quarterly, providing the latest market information, as Mr. Texier points out, “complementing some of our tools and allowing us to provide better services and analysis to our customers.”

Digital Tools In Lawyer’s Offices

Monitors must act as experts in their field, and digital technology provides methods and tools to implement this technology.

Every day, Mr. Texier uses PriceHubble’s digital tools and real estate solutions near the Perval website to help him:

Notify the property by endowment or divorce;

Provide advice during accommodation negotiations;

Manage assets.

In his view, it is important to support the analysis and evaluation of data from similar sources. PriceHubble’s solutions make it possible to “verify,vinglas boda nova create, clarify and convince. They ensure that I can work very effectively in the service I provide to clients “. He also highlights the value of the tool in the event of cases requiring property ratings.

The generated PDF report produces accurate evidence of the materials used to perform the measurement and provides a summary of the structure of the structure over time. In addition, the tool also allows Mr. Texier to make a quick inspection report of a building outside of its own area.

Depending on the type of structure, the estimate provided by the solution “is usually true, in 90% of cases”, according to Mr. Texier. Sometimes it may be more

or downgrade it, and will allow the person who made the estimate to question the analysis that led to this test.

Support The Technology Of Every Notary

Mr Texier points out that building measuring tools are not “miracle workers who always give the right amount”. However, they are useful tools that save notaries for a long time. They support their position as an expert, at a time when their knowledge is often questioned and everyone believes he or she can make his or her own estimates online. Combined with existing websites and their familiarity with the local market and relevant laws, these tools make notary balancing more legal. As with many other activities, digital technology is used by monitors and many ‘traditional’ tools, creating a cohesive and cohesive team.

All the signs point to notaries who continue to embrace their digital transformation and develop new tools that will shape the future of their work. In 2018, for example, the Paris Chamber of Notaries created an innovative fund of $ 6.2 million, with the aim of expanding the range of services that support emerging blockchain technologies and innovation.

Would you like to learn more about how librarians use digital technology and real estate data to better advise their clients? Visit our blog and read our articles about digitization of notary services and new inventions in the field. Please contact us with any questions about PriceHubble’s digital tools and solutions designed especially for monitors.

Manage Expectations For You And Your Clients:

In order to use the lead photography tool effectively, a clear understanding of its function – and limitations – is essential. Think of it as “the automatic door” of your “visual store”; it will be open to anyone, invite them and give them an opportunity to review your products and services. This gives you an opportunity to start a sales conversation.

However, the automated department alone will not be able to bring in more customers. You will still need to think about making your store windows as attractive as possible. Also, does your store stand there with a lot of foot traffic?

Using a lead gen tool is important in turning website visitors into leads. However, it should not be considered alone. Instead, it needs to be part of your comprehensive marketing strategy – the first step to telling your story and starting your customer journey.

An important factor to consider here is the opinion of your customers. What is their experience with the various stages of your customer acquisition process? How can you improve? To answer these questions, develop one or more clients to better understand the client you are directing. Think about your customers

The socio-economic base

Needs and points of pain

Popular and expected as consumers

And then, your unique marketing proposal: what do you offer that no one else does?

This information will help you plan your marketing strategy closer to your target customers and their sales process expectations. Ideally your leading production tool should fit into your strategy.

Now that the market has matured with options, you will need to reduce it to the key features that the tool must have in order to work within the framework of your wealth marketing strategy.

Look for a tool that is easy to use and that is customised and flexible. In order to make a real profit, the tool you choose needs easy access to your workflow. Additionally, tools that offer real value to potential buyers and sellers, for example in the form of personal market information, are likely to tempt them to leave their contact information.

This is where you need to make difficult decisions: if your current tool does not meet your expectations, and that of your clients, it may be time to switch to another one. If, however, it does mark all the required boxes, but (yet) has not yet produced a clue to the speed or quality you hoped to see, it may make sense to do the kinks of your main strategy first to ensure that if you do. change tools, it is a better change.

Technology As A Response To The Global Epidemic

The epidemic has helped accelerate change in the world of retail. Metrics such as an increase in second residential sales by 2020 * show that this type of disaster can create challenges but also open up new opportunities and opportunities. Real estate agents have no choice but to adapt and use new technologies to ensure they do not miss new leads and get new lists.

Real estate agents need to use new technologies to respond to the epidemic and customer needs and / or leads: greater mobility is essential to stay ahead of the competition and ensure the business thrives.

Non-mobile compared to mobile agent: what is the difference?

Digital tools play a vital role in the real estate agent’s day-to-day operations, but what additional benefits do these tools really bring? What distinguishes a mobile and non-mobile agent? Let’s look at a few examples:

Real Estate Agents On The Way To The Show:

🙅‍♀️Non-agent: agent forgets his / her local cafe notebook and does not know the lead address by heart. So they have to go back and get the brochure and end up arriving late for their meeting.

📱Mobile agent: agent has a meeting address on his CRM, which he can access via his phone or tablet. And they have all the important information for the prospective seller. They arrived on time and were able to check their notes while waiting!

💡 Did you know? CRM is a digital tool that enables a company to manage its relationships and interactions with its customers and its customers. Many CRM tools are specially designed for real estate agents, such as SweepBright. SweepBright is a CRM that makes it easy to update data and also access tracking information with owners even when you are not in the office.

The Real Estate Agent Is In The Middle Of The Viewing Area:

🙅‍♀️No mobile agent: They take notes but can’t make instances immediately. As professionals, they can provide information based on their market knowledge but do not have digital data to support their case.

📱Mobile agent: The agent can easily create an accurate measurement report instantly, saving time by completing accurate and easily accessible data.

View Complete, Real Estate Agent Is Leaving:

🙅‍♀️Non-mobile agent: They must also copy all the handwritten information in order to make their estimates when they are at home or in the office. In addition, the site requires diagnostic reports, so the agent should send a few emails back and forth with providers. They experience difficulty, lack of efficiency and have little direct exposure to the price of reports. Most of the time is lost.

📱Mobile agent: All data collected during viewing is automatically copied to a special application: no need to copy and everything after viewing, saving time and letting them focus on other tasks.

Digital solutions like Toolmo help real estate agents easily plan their diagnostic appointments and logistics all from one location. They have a clear idea of ​​the cost of the diagnosis, they can make appointments directly and inform the customer.

Digital tools such as those developed by PriceHubble enable real estate agents to use location data to provide real value to their potential customers and customers. Solutions such as Real Estate Adviser provide accurate and complete measurements to facilitate listing agreements or justify a future real estate project. Lead Generator makes it possible to capture those who want to sell early in order to increase detection and change leads easily.

💡 Did you know? Many software programs designed by real estate agents are partners and offer integration to sync information and make it accessible worldwide. These ‘digital apps’ save valuable time. A perfect example is SweepBright and PriceHubble. Feel free to ask your digital solutions vendors if they have guidelines and resources for using the same integration.

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