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In early of March 20, after COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of companies moved away. They moved from working in portable offices to working far away from home. What do you think happens when millions of people suddenly work from home while the national media is pushing too hard to cover the global epidemic?

Guess what a great spike in website traffic on news and media websites!

More visits to the site, and more pages per visit, means more advertising initiatives. At the same time, the uncertainty surrounding the economy means that the demand for ads does not really rise at the same rate of movement, so ad prices are, in some cases, lower. Interestingly, and perhaps not surprising, as traffic increased on news and government sites, the number of people searching Google for things like electricity, HVAC contractor, attorney, plumber, roof, etc. . The result of all of this is one group of business owners who are anxious because their earnings from PPC are declining or declining while another group, under the guidance of companies such as TSDIGITALS, is quietly adjusting their strategies to address the situation.

Deleting Shift Customer Conduct Calls on Strategy

At TSDigitals, we use our management software to monitor items such as search volume, per-click cost (CPC), per per-per-cost (CPL), per hour acquisition or sales (CPA) per hour by industry and area. We use this data to advise our clients on the best ways to grow their marketing ROI.

As we see the combination of search terms decrease, ad exposure increases, and the need for advertising decreases, we have advised some of our clients to change their strategies. Specifically, we explained to them that we believe they can strengthen their product in a cost-effective way and increase sales by temporarily changing their unused search budget to the Google Display Network and, in some cases, social media advertising.

We are still in the early stages of testing, but so far it is producing promising results. (Note: If you would like to discuss what we have seen so far, please contact TSDIGITALS, and we will link you to one of our Digital Marketing Strategists.

COVID-19 Advertising Consideration

If you are a company owner and also managing your marketing and are considering opening your digital strategy this way, I would encourage you to ask yourself a few key questions:


Before you start any marketing or marketing campaign, you need to be clear about what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to maintain or replicate a business from current and past customers? Are you looking for new potential customers? Maybe you’re trying to achieve both.

Whatever your purpose, be clear about it. Your goal determines your target audience. Display advertising offers a variety of ways to target specific audiences. For example, you can target an audience based on proximity – what they like. You can target audiences based on detailed demographic information even if they are in the market (just looking for anything you’re selling).

Another expensive way to identify is re-marketing. This way of targeting your ad allows you to better place your ads in front of the audience visiting your website (or mobile app) as they browse news sites within the Google Display Network.

You can learn more about the benefits of re-marketing by visiting the links below:

* How Marketing works

* Re-marketing services

* An Exemplary Marketing Model for Industry

* Re-marketing on Facebook

* A review on LinkedIn


Before embarking on any marketing campaign or marketing program, you need to make sure that you clearly define the goals and tracking technologies available to measure success. One of the benefits of digital marketing is that you can collect certain performance-related information. For example, with one of our advertising campaigns, we can tell you which ads are placed on the best and most visited websites, because we track everything in the form of guaranteed sales.


Advertising works best when targeted and when a copy of the ad and art is the same as the context in which the ad is displayed. I don’t know about you, but I’m less likely to be in the mood for humor when I read an article about rising mortality rates in the United States . They are caused by COVID-19.

Do you see the difference?

One ad is not worth hearing about our current reality. Another ad is much better targeted – it will work best for the business owner and employees who work remotely because of COVID-19.

To get the best results, your ad advertising and artwork should be customized to your target audience and context. Directing and accessing digital marketing is powerful, but with great power comes a huge burden. Just because you can blow up banner ads all over the web with the click of a button doesn’t mean you should!

Create more types of your ads and compare your art with your target audience and the situations in which the ads will work. Never forget that in times of disaster, you need to look at each of your ads with a PR lens.


There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself, but the last one I will throw your way is related to what happens after someone clicks on your ad. The best marketing and marketing programs are designed with the customer journey described in mind.

We have a client company redesigning in the Midwest. As COVID-19 crashed, they re-focused their ads on the idea that we all dream at home and think about comparisons and performance. They have many sets of display ads. A set encourages consumers to redesign a process that starts with ideas and a design idea and design is now possible; reorganization is possible later. Reflection on the construction process can be almost remotely far away. Now that’s a good market.

Put yourself in the shoes of hope. What do they think and feel when they see your ad? What message and art can draw their attention away from anything they read and force them to click on your ad? When they click on your ad, what do they see on the landing page? What price do you bring? What action should they take? What happens after you fill out the form on your website?

Leading companies think carefully about the customer journey. They realize that all communication between trust or the customer and your business is a truly critical moment. Good results come when these times are carefully thought out, carefully planned, and well done.

Closed Thoughts

Where attention is paid, there is a marketing opportunity. Pay attention to the marketing of the fish to be caught. The first rule of fishing is “fish where the fish are.” The second law on fishing says “don’t forget the first law.” If you do not take anything from this article, do the following: When it comes to attention, there is room for marketing.

The emergence of COVID-19 as a global epidemic has led to all sorts of changes in human behavior — from people working from home and away from the public to toilet paper and spending too much time on news websites. At the same time, Google searches for keywords like electricity, plumber, remodeler, etc. It has also dropped in many markets in the U.S. with the possibility of some of you taking away your digital strategy and exposing your product.

People across the U.S. are stuck at home. They eat up hard digital content. At the same time, many advertisers are out of the market. Combine these two items and you have a lot of advertising lists with fewer buyers, which means lower prices. With a problem similar to COVID-19, smart business owners put their mark and their hearts on display.

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