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The Social Media Technology Pyramid

What makes every social community exceptional is the form of content material created, how that content material is created, and why that content material is created.

Consumers proportion a big type of content material for exceptional motives on exceptional social networks. And social media systems are evolving, which adjustments what we proportion. Snapchat and TikTok had been large drivers of those evolutions.

In a January interview Evan Spiegal, CEO of Snap, changed into requested what he thinks approximately TikTok. In a refreshingly sincere answer, he stated he “loves TikTok” and is a “large fan.” He went on to explain how he thinks approximately TikTok as a generation platform in comparison to different social networks.

He thinks approximately the class of social generation as 3 stages in a pyramid.

  1. Communication – Self-expression, talking to friends and close contacts, higher frequency. This would be where Snapchat and Messenger sits.
  2. Status – Showing people who you are, that you’re cool, getting likes and comments, lower frequency than communication. Instagram is the best example here.
  3. Talent – Making media to entertain other people, even lower frequency, higher production. Think TikTok and YouTube.

As you cross up the pyramid, the time and power had to create content material is going up and the frequency of content material produced is going down accordingly.

It’s smooth to ship a simple, image, video, or textual content on Snapchat. It does now no longer take a whole lot of effort. There are few intellectual barriers. It’s an awful lot more difficult to examine a TikTok dance or positioned withinside the manufacturing time wanted for an extra polished YouTube video.

Spiegal says the enchantment of Status content material is extra constrained because “human beings most effective do something ‘cool’ as soon as per week or as soon as a month and now no longer always each day.”

Another essential issue of this pyramid is the ratio of the content material writer to the content material consumers. At the lowest of the pyramid, anybody creates and consumes nearly equally. As you cross up the pyramid, the capability target market length will increase and the variety of human beings growing the content material decreases.

Talent social structures are extra of a lean-returned enjoy for maximum consumers. While Communication social structures are lean-in. There is extra discussion, engagement.

I like how this idea suits up with the noticeably current fashion of personified logo personalities on Twitter. If Twitter is toward the Communication tier then it’s far Talent, it makes the experience that manufacturers who could make the platform extra non-public and conversational are doing well.

Compare the pyramid in your social media strategy. Do your assumptions of the way customers devour your content material on every channel fit up?

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