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Using Creator Studio Inspiration Hub for Instagram and Facebook Post Ideas

What Is the Creator Studio Inspiration Hub?

Creator Studio started rolling out the Inspiration Hub panel in December 2021. This local device is constructed into Creator Studio and it presentations posts and hashtags which are famous on Facebook and Instagram.

This device is designed to assist social media entrepreneurs to pick out trending content material and creators. With its many filtering options, you could locate and leverage traits that are applicable for your enterprise and target market.

The Inspiration Hub seems at the proper aspect of the primary Creator Studio dashboard, wherein it presentations some thumbnails of the day’s maximum famous content material. To open the overall panel, click on the See More link.

By default, the panel presentations Facebook posts that are famous for your target market territory. To locate content material that’s extra tailor-made for your target market, use the filters.

To slender down the creators or put up kinds that display, use the device’s drop-down menus:

  • Platform: You can toggle between Facebook and Instagram.
  • Timeframe: You can view posts from the last day to get the most recent content. To get a wider view of what’s trending, view content over the last week or month.
  • Content-Type: For Facebook, you can choose from Links, Photos, Videos, or Statuses. For Instagram, pick from Video, Photo, or Carousel content.
  • Language: You can choose from any language that Meta supports. By default, the Inspiration Hub selects All so you can see the most viral content, no matter the language.
  • Page Admin Country: This filter defaults to All Territories but you can change it to any country you choose. This option is available for Facebook content only.
  • Audience Territory: To provide the most relevant results, this option defaults to the territory where your audience is predominantly located. You can change it to any other country to see what’s trending elsewhere in the world.
  • Page Category: You can view content from pages that fit the Artists, Video Creators, General Activity, Media/News Companies, TV Shows, Gaming & Video Creators, Personal Blogs, News Sites, or Professional Sports Teams categories. This option is available for Facebook only.

If you want to see viral content from a specific creator, you can type the person or organization’s name into the Pages or Instagram Accounts field. Note that the Inspiration Hub displays trending content only, not all content from the page in order of popularity. If the account doesn’t have any viral content, the Inspiration Hub may show a blank display.

You can sort any popular content category by your criterion of choice. Use the drop-down menu in the upper right to sort by Total Engagement, Most Video Views (Facebook only), Oldest, or Newest.

The Inspiration Hub offers limited filtering options for hashtags. You can toggle between Facebook and Instagram hashtags for your audience territory; however, you can’t choose page categories, content types, or other filters to narrow down the options.

7 Ways to Refine Your Content Strategy Using the Inspiration Hub

The Inspiration Hub provides tons of information that you can use to your advantage. Here are seven ideas for incorporating this tool into your Facebook and Instagram content workflows.

Find Top-Performing Content Types

To achieve your team’s marketing goals, it’s important to work with (rather than against) the algorithm. But because the Facebook and Instagram algorithms are constantly evolving, it isn’t always easy to know what type of content will perform best.

For example, status posts may have allowed your Facebook page to maximize reach in the past. But if your account’s organic reach is starting to decline, then it may be helpful to experiment with other types of content.

The Inspiration Hub can help you find what type of content is most popular today, this week, or this month. When you first open the panel, you’ll see all types of trending content, with the most popular posts listed first. That makes it easy to see what type of post is getting the most traction.

Are the top posts from the last day, week, and month all video content? You might start incorporating more video into your strategy and compare reach and engagement against past results.

Remember to check popular content types for both Facebook and Instagram. That way, you can make sure you’re producing optimal content for each channel.

Does your team want to get more out of native Facebook and Instagram tools? From figuring out best practices to finding new tactics to try, you can learn a lot from seeing how top accounts use the available tools.

To see what’s working, take a deep dive into each content type for Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can see how top creators are building the most engaging Instagram carousels or the creative ways big accounts are using Facebook Live.

The Inspiration Hub can also reveal the tools that viral content creators are using to drive maximum engagement. You might find that turning off like counts or comments generates more of the engagement you want—which can help you reach the goals that matter to your team.

Tap Into Viral Conversations

Does it seem like your business constantly misses opportunities to join viral conversations or make trending topics relevant for your audience? Inspiration Hub will help you quickly spot popular topics while they’re still generating buzz. Then you can act quickly to incorporate them into your social media content before they become irrelevant.

The Inspiration Hub also gives you a more direct option for participating in viral conversations. You can like or comment on popular Facebook posts as your page right in Creator Studio. You can also click on any popular Instagram post to open it in the app, where you can view and engage with it from your professional account.

Identify Hashtags to Improve Visibility

When you want to grow your Instagram following, using the right Instagram hashtags is essential. If you’re unsure which hashtags to use or what’s trending now, the Inspiration Hub makes finding popular options much easier.

With a couple of clicks, you can identify the top 10 hashtags for the day, week, or month. Then add any relevant hashtags to your content to improve visibility.

You can also click any of the trending hashtags to see related Instagram posts. Browsing popular content will help you get more ideas for creating videos and photos that are likely to resonate with your target audience.

Seek Out Social Media Collaborators

When you want to improve visibility and grow your customer base, influencer partnerships and user-generated content (UGC) can be incredibly effective. As compelling as your branded content may be, fan- and customer-made media tend to be even more successful at instilling trust and influencing purchases.

The Inspiration Hub helps you identify popular creators who may be potential partners. By reviewing creators’ top content, you can get a better idea of how they work with partners and whether their audience would be a good fit for your brand, which can help inform your influencer marketing strategy.

Discover New Creators to Follow

The more you use this Creator Studio tool, the more likely you are to find accounts that inspire you. But you don’t necessarily have to rely on the Inspiration Hub to surface their content in the Popular Posts tab.

Instead, you can search any account in Inspiration Hub to take a closer look at all of their trending content from the past day, week, or month. Then follow the best accounts on Instagram so you continue to see their content regularly and get inspiration from their posts.

Research Facebook and Instagram Competitors

You can also use the Inspiration Hub’s Account Search tool to research your competitors. That way, you can find any trending content they’ve published to get ideas for your own viral posts.

Are your competitors publishing significantly more popular posts than your business is? Analyze their top content more closely to get a better understanding of your accounts’ weaknesses and find potential opportunities for outperforming the competition.

5 Native Tools to Complement the Inspiration Hub

The Inspiration Hub fills a key gap in Meta’s toolset, as it helps you find and analyze trending content. But it does have some limitations—especially when it comes to following popular accounts and getting recommendations that are specific to your audience. To access all of the insights you need to guide your content strategy, add these native tools to your workflow.

Instagram Hashtag Feeds

Creator Studio’s Inspiration Hub is ideal for spotting trending hashtags and getting a quick summary of related posts. But the tool isn’t as helpful for following popular hashtags or inspiring related ideas.

Fortunately, Instagram’s hashtag feeds can help. After you find an interesting hashtag in the Inspiration Hub, you can search for it in the Instagram app and tap the plus icon to follow it.

Because Instagram suggests related hashtags, you can easily discover similar keywords to follow or use in your content. Adding a mix of viral and niche hashtags to your Instagram posts will typically strike a better balance between improving visibility and generating engagement.

Facebook Page News Feeds

Although the Inspiration Hub is great for displaying the most popular content on Facebook and Instagram, it isn’t designed to show content tailored to a niche audience. If your business doesn’t fit into one of the tool’s Facebook page categories, then some of the content it shows may seem irrelevant.

Because you have much more control over your Facebook page’s news feed ([pagename]/news_feed), it can be an excellent complement to the Inspiration Hub. You can follow popular content creators, industry leaders, competitors, and influencers as your page so you can track the accounts that are most relevant to your brand.

As you browse your page’s news feed, use Facebook’s recommendations to add more depth to your content research. For example, you may see suggested pages to follow or content that pages similar to yours have shared. These recommendations are helpful for finding accounts related to yours or content that’s popular with brands like yours—both of which can inspire engaging posts.

Creator Studio Insights

For even more personalized data, check your Creator Studio insights. On the Published tab, you can see key metrics for all of the content you’ve published, ranging from videos and stories to photos and links.

In addition to basic metrics like impressions, reactions, and comments, Creator Studio displays a positive or negative distribution score for each post. This metric calculates how your content was distributed to users’ news feeds, using your account’s past results as a benchmark.

If you hover over a post, you can also see a brief explanation for the distribution score. For example, you might find that the increased shares, reactions, or comments contributed to more impressions. Then you can use these insights to help you create better content that drives more impressions and gets more engagement.

CrowdTangle Live Displays

For more insight into a select set of trending topics, add Meta’s CrowdTangle Live Displays to your toolset. This app works as a dashboard that tracks trending topics, refreshing feeds constantly to display relevant content in real-time.

For example, you can use the app to see how coronavirus-related content is trending in the United States. The dashboard’s feeds display popular Instagram and Facebook content posted by groups, local governments, and international organizations.

Although the publicly available CrowdTangle Live Displays are limited in terms of topics, Facebook partners that publish original content may be eligible for an expanded version of the tool. You can apply for access to this Meta-built tool here.

CrowdTangle Chrome Extension

Did you locate thrilling hyperlinks withinside the Inspiration Hub’s Popular Posts tab? With Meta’s CrowdTangle Chrome extension, you could research greater approximately the social effect of any hyperlink.

Once you put in the Chrome extension, you could allow it to investigate any URL you visit. CrowdTangle famous plenty of social data, along with the Facebook web page that’s accountable for the pinnacle social share. It additionally shows social stats for Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit along with pinnacle bills that shared the hyperlink and the overall quantity of customers who can also additionally have visible the posts.

With this Chrome extension, you could discover what kind of content material receives the maximum stocks on social media, that can assist in deciding on what to publish. It also can display which bills are sharing the first-rate content material on your industry, supporting you to locate even greater creators to comply with and search for inspiration.


Whether you’re looking for the pinnacle hashtags to feature for your Instagram posts otherwise you need to peer what kind of content material is famous on Facebook, Creator Studio’s Inspiration Hub can assist. By incorporating this and different local equipment into your content material introduction workflow, you could live on the pinnacle of trends, higher recognize what your target market likes, and enhance the visibility of your Facebook and Instagram posts.

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